quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2013

Portuguese High Altitude Dark Honey Bee - Serra da Estrela - High Quality!

Tradicional Portuguese High Altitude Pure Dark Honey Bee.
Winner of several contests! Forget what you buy at supermarkets! You will taste the true flavor of honey!

This is a traditional dark honey with a strong flavour. Produced and packaged in the Serra da Estrela, 
Folgosinho, 933 meters high.
Natural product of dark amber to dark amber, brown, purple. Crystalization thin, regular and compact.
Rating: ericaceous.

Directly from the producer!
 You will only find this product on Ebay or in our shop in Gouveia (Serra da Estrela), Portugal.

Premium quality!


270g - 4.95£
500g - 6.00£
1kg - 7.50£

I combine p + p! Non UE buyers. Please ask for postage value!

Why dark honey:

What is the difference between clear and dark honey? Did you knew the dark honey was regarded as
one of "superfoods" by dietitians from Hackensack University - Medical Center? 'Superfoods' are
foods rich in nutrients that many doctors and nutritionists believe help prevent diseases. In general,
the honey is classified as a food with high glycemic index, which means that causes an increase in
blood sugar levels in the body. But the dark honey such as buckwheat, neutralizes sugar levels.
This food is also an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants, which help amelhorar brain function and heart.
It also has anti-bacterial properties and is used to help heal wounds, in some cultures.
Produzido e embalado na Serra da Estrela, Folgosinho, a 933 metros de altitude.
Produto natural de cor escura: âmbar a âmbar escuro, castanho escuro, roxo. 

Cristalização fina, regular e compacta.

Classificação: Ericaceas.

Produto com a qualidade dos produtos tradicionais portugueses 

- não encontrará em outros locais.